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First Impressions can Make a Sale

The appearance of your website is a very personal business.  It shows your customers something about you and your company.  You choose your company name, your logo, and the presentation of your shopfront carefully.  These are a reflection of your business, of what makes you different.  Your website should should receive the same attention.  In fact you should feel less constrained in the presentation of your website with so many colours, fonts and style choices, so why compromise with somebody's poor set of options?

Soft Fish gives you an entire spectrum of choice.  We provide three very different theming groups each presenting a myriad of choice.  From our Core themes to meet most diverse business requirements, Alternative themes in case your needs are a little different or Bespoke themes if your requirements are very particular.


Your business shopfront on the internet shouldn't be a concession to a lack of choice.  Here you have a genuine possibility to present your business as unique and focused on meeting the particular needs of your customers.  Here is a chance for differentiation so grab the opportunity, don't waste it.  Most likely one of our Core themes with their myriad of colour, font and style options, will meet your requirements.  The provision of these is included in our standard pricing but should you require something particular to your requirements these can be met by our Alternate and Bespoke offerings.  Ask us about the options available to meet your requirements and present your business the way you want.

Core Themes

Soft Fish has carefully chosen four extremely flexible "Core" themes that we believe will meet most customer needs.  Each Core theme presents a unique appearance  or style for you to choose from and these options are further enhanced by a wide choice of colours, fonts and other presentation characteristics within each theme.

Alternate Themes

The four Core themes offered with Soft Fish Real Estate system will satisfy the majority of presentation requirements.  However if don't satisfy then Soft Fish has access to more than 300 prebuilt Alternate themes, many of which will be suitable for the Real Estate application.  These Alternate themes offer considerable further options for presentation in terms of layout, colour com

Bespoke themes

The Soft Fish Real Estate system offers a whole spectrum of choices when it comes to presentation.  Soft Fish believes that the appearance of your website is one of the key aspects of your website's design.  It provides you with the opportunity to stamp your own style on you website.