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Soft Fish has carefully chosen four extremely flexible "Core" themes that we believe will meet most customer needs.  Each Core theme presents a unique appearance  or style for you to choose from and these options are further enhanced by a wide choice of colours, fonts and other presentation characteristics within each theme. This means that you can choose a theme, colour scheme and font selection that suits you business.  Each of these four themes (Pixture, Mayo, CTI Flex and Bartik Plus) has been tested with a variety of browser types and is included in our standard prices.  Further details of these Core themes is provided below.


Pixture is a popular theme with a wide range of features including 18 preset color schemes, Custom color options, Built in support for the Superfish menuing module for cascading menus, Noggin module support with special extra features, Configurable layout - lots of options  Are further features.  Mobile support (smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone etc) is offereb and under Soft Fish review for Real Estate.  Othe services include: Font selection (includes Google fonts), Font size setting, Heading styles, Rounded corner settings, Box shadow and background texture options, Image position settings, Menu bullets option, Breadcrumb settings, Search results display settings, Optional horizontal login block setting, 18 regions including a 3 and 4 column panel.

Bartik Pus

The primary menu appears as tabs along the top of the page, below the header.  The secondary menu appears in the upper left corner., The color module, if enabled, can be used to change the color of several parts of the Bartik theme, including the header (as a gradient), footer, link and text color. The Bartik theme was named after Jean Bartik the co-inventor of one of the first computers, ENIAC.  When she lost her computer job at the age of 61 Bartik moved to a career in Real Estate.  The standard bartik theme has been modified with the inclusion of the superfish cacading menu system and a fitting inclusion the Core Theme category of the Soft Fish Real Estate system.


MAYO is developed based on the experience with PIXTURE theme. However, it takes full advantage of the root CMS color module and advanced theme settings. MAYO is simple but flexible. You can customize the look of your MAYO theme easily from theme settings page.

CTI Flex

A Zen-based theme, 1,2 or 3 columns, 14 collapsible block regions (preview), Two fixed width (960 pixels) layout styles and one fluid width style (preview), 22 pre-designed color schemes (slideshow), A helper style sheet with a simple set of base styles to make it easy to create a custom color scheme, Configurable font styles, Optional CSS3 round corners (in compliant browsers), Extra block styles if used with the Skinr module, Built-in styling for dropdown menus if used with the Superfish module