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Every business has its own unique features, it is these that differentiate them from their competitors.  These businesses then in turn need their computer systems to support these unique features and often these translate into specific data fields.  For example if your business's speciality is disabled access you need to store information relating to your properties' disabled access features.  The Soft Fish Real Estate website system provides the ability to add a virtually unlimited number and type of fields to meet your existing and future needs. 

This means that special data can be stored in your Real Estate system along with other property data rather than in a filing cabinet or scrappy pieces of paper.  Furthermore the Soft Fish Real Estate system allows the storage and presentation of the data that makes sense of the data type, like dates for calendar information, currency for money data and text for descriptive information.


Types of Fields

A wide range of field types are supported and these include:

  • Text
  • Integers
  • Currency
  • Drop Down
  • Radio Button
  • Image

Field Validation

Data validation can ensure that information entered in to the system is correct according to certain parameters at the time of entry .  This is the best time to check that data is correct, when the source documents are to hand.  Fields can be validated according to the usual features like money fields contain numeric data.  Additionally data validation can be programmatically proceduralised so that, for example, if a particular event could only occur after a particular time of day then this can be validated at the time of entry. 

Mandatory Fields

Fields can be marked as mandatory.  That is that they must be entered into them before the record is saved.


Fields can be defaulted to a specific value.  If commonly a field has a certain value then setting it at a default can save in have to enter data to a value it usually assumes.

User Defined Fields

In addition to the common data types the Soft Fish Real Estate system allows for the creation of data types that are specific to an industry or activity.  An example might be the storage of an angle in degree, minutes and seconds.  Use of this feature means that data type compromises don't need to be made.  The website becomes more meaningful and less confusing to visitors so they are more likely to stay and investigate your properties more fully.