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Your website's appearance says much about who you are, so you should choose your website's presentation carefully.  A visitor's first good impression could help them decide to place their property with you.  Themes are the special look and feel, or "presentation" of a website and the Soft Fish Real Estate system comes with a broad spectrum of themes (See our portfolio page).  We offer four Core themes and then additional Alternate and Bespoke choices as well. 

Careful theme choice can make your website a valuable business asset.  For example the colour scheme, structure, type faces and sizes, the arrangement of headings and footers are all components of theme.  Often theme options are governed by the choice between a package or ground up development.  A package provides a quick, low cost startup but with limited theme options, while "from the ground up" development offers a broad range of theming options but at a much higher cost, longer lead time and more potential for problems and delays.  Soft Fish provides a complete range of theme choices but with the convenience, cost and safety of a package solution.  So, no longer is there a need to compromise on design.  Contact Soft Fish today.

Core Themes

Four options: Pixture, Mayo, Bartik Plus and CTI Flex comprise our Core theme choices (see portfolio).   These were chosen because their power, facilities and flexibility and we believe will meet most customer demands.  Each of these themes is very different from each other, but also offer, within each a further choice of colour combinations, fonts, layouts and styles.  The Core themes provide thousands of options and have a proven base of Real Estate users to meet most customer requirements.

Alternate Themes

Soft Fish believes our Core themes will meet almost every customer's website presentation requirements.  If however your requirements are different the Soft Fish Real Estate system is still a good choice.  Because the Soft Fish Real Estate system is built on an open system model Content Management System there is a wide variety of Alternate no cost themes (over 300 for the current version).  Not all of these are compatible with the functions and features of our system but many are, and these offer no charge or minimal charge alternatives to our Core themes.  Furthemore they can be quickly installed without compromising the proven, robust functionality of the Soft Fish Real Estate system. 

Bespoke Themes

If you have your own presentation requirements and the Soft Fish Core or Alternate choices just don't fit, then we can Bespoke tailor a theme to exactly meet your needs.  The choice of a Bespoke theme does not compromise the underlying functionality of the Soft Fish Real Estate system.  You still get all of the proven system features but with the appearance that meets your special needs.  Just ask us how to go about this and we will develop a design brief and quotation for your specific theme.