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Websites usually provide for information dissemination.  Blogging however provides for the ability for two way dialogue; for your customer to communicate with you and/or with each other.  Blogging can provide you with another dimension to your website and drive traffic to it.  The Soft Fish Real Estate system offers a powerful, full featured blogging facility.  Our system is built on arguably the most powerful of the three major popular Content Management Systems.  This means that any key component of our CMS becomes a key option for the Soft Fish Real Estate system.

  An example of this, a powerful blogging component (like many of the thousands of additional modules is an easily added option to the Real Estate system).  It naturally provides all of the features you'd expect from a mainstream CMS blogging system.  Additionally because our CMS is open architecture our blogging plug-in has access to many additional plugin modules to augment these already functionally rich plugin module.  If you choose to adopt a blogging facility the you may need to moderate the services.  Our blogging service allows for moderation in a number of ways plus a variety of additional services.  Call to discuss the comprehensive blogging functionality available for the Soft Fish Real Estate system.