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The Soft Fish Real Estate system offers a whole spectrum of choices when it comes to presentation.  Soft Fish believes that the appearance of your website is one of the key aspects of your website's design.  It provides you with the opportunity to stamp your own style on you website.   It alows you to make it consistent with your other branding examples like your stationery, your premises and your sale boards.  It differentiates you from your competition and shows your customers why they should choose you and not someone else to handle their real estate needs. 

The Soft Fish Real Estate system is a package solution so you know it works, you can see it in action and test it with your environment.  But the Soft Fish Real Estate system unlike most packages offers a great deal of flexibility.  Presentation is one critical area of differentiation of our package over our competitors.  The Soft Fish Real Estate system provides enormous flexibility of layout, colours, fonts and styles and we have categorised this into three groups, Core, Alternate and Bespoke. 

In most cases our Core and Alternate themes will provide the scope, flexibility and proven reliability to meet customer presentation needs.  However if you have your own presentation requirements and the Soft Fish Core or Alternate choices just don't fit, then we can Bespoke tailor a theme to exactly meet your requirements.  In fact it could be that you have an existing website and would like to preserve the elements of the presentation of that website while still gaining the considerable additional functionality of the Soft Fish system.  The choice of a Bespoke theme does not compromise the underlying functionality of the Soft Fish Real Estate system.  You still get all of the proven system features but with the appearance that meets your special needs.  Just ask us for how to go about this and we will develop a design brief and quotation for your particular presentation requirements.